What to look for when hiring your future employee

6 Reasons Not to Hire Someone

Sometimes the perfect-on-paper candidate might not be the perfect fit for your company! A clear understanding of what you are looking for in a future employee and keeping curious during the interview will help you avoid hiring the wrong person.  So, what do you need to look out for? Keep reading for our six reasons not to hire someone.  Get Your eBook …

Characteristics of a Winning Tender Response

Characteristics of a Winning Tender Response

A winning tender response needs to demonstrate to the buyer that your solution is compliant, sustainable and innovative. To help your submission stand out to the evaluators (for all the right reasons), make sure you cover these 5 key features. Get Your eBook Download


The Key Tendering Dos & Dont’s

When you are putting your response document together, regardless of whether it is a tender or a proposal, you should take into consideration the accepted dos and don’ts. If you apply the basic rules set out in this eBook, you will ensure that you address the buyer’s requirements and provide a response through which you position your business more positively …