How many businesses miss tenders simply because they were looking for them in the wrong spot? Oversights like these are not unheard of. In fact, it was this exact kind of missed opportunity, an advertisement in a newspaper that was not being read, that led to the formation of TenderSearch in 1984.

Overview of TenderSearch

TenderSearch is the pioneer in researching and distributing tendering opportunities within the ANZ region, providing its notification and tender-related services to thousands of satisfied clients from a wide range of industries.

The continued success of TenderSearch can be attributed to its original “hands-on” approach. An experienced and dedicated research team monitors, identifies, and evaluates opportunities from government agencies, procurement sites and purchasing organisations, as well as hundreds of traditional sources such as newspapers, journals and gazettes. This extensive coverage ensures our clients receive targeted and timely tendering opportunities that match the products and services they supply.

TenderSearch is designed to empower business growth and success, delivering clients usable information that can be acted on immediately. Our customers have found success in selling products and services to federal, state and local governments, and private organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Acquired by the leading construction information provider, BCI Central, in October 2020, TenderSearch continues to offer clients high-quality tender information.