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Current Plant & Machinery Tenders

wdt_ID Region Client Suburb Category Description Get Access
1 ACT Tree Surgery Equipment and Operators Panel CANBERRA Plant & Machinery The Territory requires qualified and experienced Contractors for the provision of Tree Surgery Plant Equipment with suitably skilled and accredited Operators on an as needs basis. The Territory is establishing a Panel with one or more Contractors...
2 ACT Cargo Truck CANBERRA Plant & Machinery RFQ 19AS2021Q0011 Cargo Truck
3 ACT LAND 8710 Phase 1 (CE2) Amphibious Vehicle NOT STATED Plant & Machinery The Commonwealth has a requirement to replace the existing fleet of Lighter Amphibious Resupply Cargo 5 ton (LARC-V) amphibians currently serving with the Australian Army with a new Amphibious Vehicle (AV).
4 ACT BPA Hardware Supplies NOT STATED Plant & Machinery New hardware items such as non-powered tools and builders' hardware. Specialized lines of new building materials such as lumber fencing glass doors plumbing fixtures and supplies electrical supplies prefabricated buildings...
5 ACT Supply and Delivery of a Heavy-Duty Recovery Truck NOT STATED Plant & Machinery Supply and Delivery of a Heavy-Duty Recovery Truck for Transport Canberra
6 ACT CNC universal cylindrical grinder CANBERRA Plant & Machinery The Royal Australian Mint (RAM) has the need to invest in a new cylindrical grinder to replace an aged and unserviceable machine. The RAM wish to purchase a CNC universal cylindrical grinder to progress the Toolroom technical capabilities...
7 ACT One Cargo Truck CANBERRA Plant & Machinery Enclosed is a Request for Quotations (RFQ) for One Cargo Truck. If you would like to submit a quotation complete the blocks 17a 23 24 30a and 30b of the attached SF1449 document and submit it to the address shown on block 16...
8 ACT Plant and Equipment Wet Hire Under a Panel Arrangement CANBERRA Plant & Machinery Establishment of a panel of providers for the wet hire of plant and equipment to support Roads ACT’s maintenance operations.
9 ACT ACT Fire and Rescue Pumper MAJURA Plant & Machinery The Territory seeks to engage a supplier for the provision of an Fire and Rescue Pumper. ACT Fire and Rescue Pumper Industry...
10 ACT Light Rail Stage 2 Advisory Services Panel NOT STATED Plant & Machinery Establish a panel of consultants to provide transport-related advisory services for Stage 2 of the Canberra Light Rail Project.
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Our Plant & Machinery Tenders


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