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Health & Medical Tenders

Country Location Category Title Description Get Access
AU NOT STATED Health & Medical RACF VIRTUAL ACCESS AND AFTER HOURS ENHANCEMENT : Expression of Interest Murray PHN is helping to improve access to care for people living in residential aged care facilities with the use of digital health systems. Local residential aged care facilities who haven't previously applied for a Commonwealth Funded Telehealth Grant through Murray PHN can now apply to receive $10 000 in funding for IT equipment or infrastructure.
NZ NEW ZEALAND Health & Medical Integrated Home and Community Support The future of ACC’s Integrated Home and Community Support Service ACC funds home and community support services to deliver personal child and home care to clients following an accident. These services are intended to support clients to return to independence or reach their maximum level of participation in everyday life.
NZ NEW ZEALAND Health & Medical Advance Notice - Upcoming tender for Behavioural Support Services The Service Behavioural Support Services (BSS) is a psychologist-led service which supports kiritaki (client) as well as their families whanau and caregivers to reduce and prevent significant behaviours of concern. Such behaviour can prevent kiritaki from successfully engaging in rehabilitation life-long support services their community and everyday life activities.
NZ NEW ZEALAND Health & Medical Innovation Fund This ROI relates to your ideas on how to support injured people stay connected and engaged with their workplace and recover at work after an injury. Supporting people to recover at work after an injury can help them get better sooner. It’s good for physical and mental health as it provides useful physical activity social connection and a sense of purpose which all contribute to a better recovery. It also makes it more likely that they will return to their job and the things they enjoy outside of work sooner. It’s good for business too. By supporting an injured employee to recover at work businesses can retain vital skills and knowledge and save on recruiting and training new staff.
NZ NEW ZEALAND Health & Medical Peer Led Services - Invercargill We need a peer--led or peer-governed service that is based on the values principles and objectives in our model of care particularly ensuring that services are accessible and supportive for Maori. The service needs to respond to the needs of the Invercargill community and to have relationships with other services and supports in Invercargill – working with them together as one system.

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