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Health & Medical

Laboratory & Healthcare Equipment & Services, Pharmaceuticals, Medicine, Support Services

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Cleaning Services

Commercial, Car & Carpet Cleaning & Equipment, Hygiene & Sanitary, Industrial Laundry & Dry Cleaning Equipment, Road & Footpath Sweeping

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Trades & Subcontracting

Carpentry, Flooring, Concreting, Plumbing, Demolition, Painting, Electrical, Fencing, Landscaping

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Education & Training

Consultancy & Vocational Education & Training, eLearning Services, Training Aids & Equipment, Research & Studies

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Professional Services

Legal & Auditing Services, Procurement & Business Consultancy, Accounting & Finance, Economic & Industry Development, Secretarial & Contract Administration & Transcription Services

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Hospitality & FMCG

Cafe Leasing & Management, Equipments & Supplies, Food & Catering Equipment & Supplies, Food Kiosk & Canteen

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Building Products & Materials, Project Management & Consultancy, Flooring & Tiling Services, Plant & Equipment

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Civil Construction & Civil Engineering, Civil & Earth Works, Bridge Construction & Maintenance, Rail & Marine Infrastructure, Drainage, Subdivision

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Plant & Machinery

Industrial Machinery & Equipment, External Plant Hire, Parks & Garden Services, Train Wash Plant Maintenance

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Air & Water Quality Monitoring & Testing Services, Environmental Monitoring & Consultancy Services

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IT & Software

IT & Security Services, Data Storage & Software Services, Computer Hardware Maintenance & Supplies, Leasing & Rental Services

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Hundreds More

TenderSearch covers the A – Z of tendering. Explore our 100+ categories to find new opportunities and win more work

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Menganalisis masa lalu untuk membantu anda mengemudi masa depan

Terokai pandangan pasaran yang disesuaikan & dapatkan rangkaian pemangku kepentingan
  • Analisis

    Analisis data industri sejarah

  • Geospatial

    Pemetaan pintar dan analisis spasial

  • Laporan

    Ekonomi tempatan dan antarabangsa dan pasaran pembinaan

  • Penyelidikan Adat

    Analisis khusus dan pandangan yang disesuaikan


Tingkatkan kesedaran jenama dan bina rangkaian anda

Berhubung dengan profesional reka bentuk dalam talian dan bersemuka
  • Arkibkan

    Produk, projek dan profesional

  • Pendidikan

    Pembangunan Profesional Berterusan (CPD) dan latihan

  • Acara

    Pameran dan anugerah terkemuka di industri

  • Penerbitan

    Media yang berprestij, luas dan berwawasan


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We can thank the excellent coverage of TenderSearch for the rapid growth of our business


SMG Health and its acquisitions have enjoyed a successful partnership with TenderSearch for more than 5 years. We can thank the excellent coverage of this service for the rapid growth of our business over the past few years, specifically in the Government sector.

Staff have been an absolute pleasure to deal with, and always ensure our needs and expectations are met. We have just signed on for another 12 months and are looking forward to continued success and growth.

Michelle Paulsen
Office & Program Manager
SMG Health

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