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    Our etendering portals provides a simple, secure and efficient means for managing tendering activities online.

    Incorporating the sending and receiving of tenders and quotations online, this reduces the time and effort required for both buyer and providers.

Services – eProcurement for Public Sector

Government and semi government departments and entities need to have probity and transparency at the forefront of all of their procurement activities. The requirements for accountability in purchasing is paramount in ensuring that your procurement, meets the “Best Practice “ guidelines and can withstand robust and comprehensive scrutiny by third parties.

Public sector guidelines on tendering processes can be quite exhaustive. If done manually, a great deal of time will need to be spent during the tender processes, to ensure that clear and concise trails are available for future audits. The use of our e-Tender Portal will reduce this time by more than 50%, freeing valuable staff resources to be utilised in the better preparation of Tender documentation or more thorough analysis of submitted bids.

Our technology provides a powerful and robust solution, whilst at the same time removing the huge administrative burden associated with producing and disseminating Bid, Tender and Procurement requests.


Public tendering guidelines make it mandatory to utilise tender processes for large purchases, currently around $150,000 for services and $200,000 for construction projects. The use of a robust and secure Portal will ensure that all Government requirements are met and the process is rock solid.

Currently Victorian Government guidelines require all Government Tenders in excess of the stated thresholds to be advertised in the Tenders Vic Website. There is no mandatory requirement to utilise the Vic Tenders website to manage the procurement process. Utilising your very own Portal will ensure you retain control of your Tender processes from start to finish, whilst meeting all of your obligations under Government guidelines.


If your department is handling Quotes and general procurement manually, there is a great deal of productivity and governance advantages to be had in adopting our technology. Often Departments have in place stronger processes for larger spends, including Tenders etc. whilst at the same time having less effective governance procedures around Quoting and smaller procurement in general. This is not withstanding the fact that Quotes, not Tenders, may make up far more of your expenditure spend. Apart from being a very inefficient use of staff time, opting for manual processing provides no inbuilt governance provided.

By standardising your procurement processes across the board you can ensure that, not only will good governance be embedded in your culture and that your suppliers and Contractors have confidence in your processes, but productivity will be improved and your Auditors will be happy.

If you would like a no obligation live demonstration of the benefits of introducing best practice procurement into your organisation please do not hesitate to contact us.

Meet one of our clients

Central Goldfields were not new to utilising an e-Procurement Portal, having recognised the benefits that this technology can bring to Council a number of years ago.

With the recent introduction of our Contract Management system, we took the opportunity to upgrade our e-Procurement Portal and chose the TenderSearch solution.

We have found the Portal intuitive, easy to use and very powerful. The supplier interface matches more closely our Council Website and our suppliers have found the change seamless.
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Graeme Gilmore
Central Goldfields