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    Our etendering portals provides a simple, secure and efficient means for managing tendering activities online.

    Incorporating the sending and receiving of tenders and quotations online, this reduces the time and effort required for both buyer and providers.

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Local Government entities need to have probity and transparency at the forefront of all of their procurement activities. The requirements for accountability in purchasing is paramount in ensuring that your procurement, meets the “Best Practice “ guidelines and can withstand robust and comprehensive scrutiny by third parties.

For Victorian Local Government entities, this will be even more important with the requirement to meed new “Best Practice in Local Government” guidelines, currently being introduced.

Local Government guidelines on tendering processes can be quite exhaustive. If done manually, a great deal of time will need to be spent during the tender processes, to ensure that clear and concise trails are available for future audits. The use of our e-Tender Portal will reduce this time by more than 50%, freeing valuable staff resources to be utilised in the better preparation of Tender documentation or more thorough analysis of submitted bids.

Electronic procurement, or eProcurement as it is commonly referred to, is widely regarded as one of the most efficient tools available in managing procurement processes on the market today. Listing opportunities on a dedicated procurement web site (eProcurement Portal or Hub) provides potential suppliers with direct access to your Tenders, Request For Quotations, Expressions Of Interest etc.

Supplier access on-line to documentation avoids time consuming telephone or email requests and the need to manually maintain an interested supplier register. Our eProcurement solution can efficiently manage technical questions put forward by suppliers and the subsequent dissemination of responses, as well as any addendums that may need to be issued during the course of the process, reducing the administrative burden and associated costs. All of this while ensuring probity within your process.

It is critical to a procurement process that all steps in the process, whether they are manual/email based or electronic/web based maintain the highest possible probity standards and avoid areas that have the potential to compromise the integrity of the process.

The adoption of “state of the art” best practice in your organisation by utilising the TenderSearch solution will pay dividends from day one.

If you are already utilising another e-Tender solution, we have a local alternative from a SME committed to delivering innovative solutions and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Our technology provides a powerful and robust solution, whilst at the same time removing the huge administrative burden associated with producing and disseminating Bid, Tender and Procurement requests.


If you are handling Quotes and general procurement manually, there is a great deal of productivity and governance advantages to be had in adopting our technology. Often organisations have in place stronger processes for larger spends, including Tenders etc. whilst at the same time having less effective governance procedures around Quoting and smaller procurement in general. This is not withstanding the fact that Quotes, not Tenders, may make up far more of your expenditure spend. Apart from being a very inefficient use of staff time, opting for manual processing provides no inbuilt governance provided.

This is especially important where organisations have a policy on, or are considering implementing de-centralised procurement.

By standardising your procurement processes across the board you can ensure that, not only will good governance be embedded in your culture and that your suppliers and Contractors have confidence in your processes, but productivity will be improved and your Auditors will be happy.

If you would like a no obligation live demonstration of the benefits of introducing best practice procurement into your organisation please do not hesitate to contact us.

Meet one of our clients

Horsham City Council has been utilising the TenderSearch e-Procurement Portal for over two and a half years. It would not be an overstatement to say that it has revolutionised our procurement activities. The ability to quickly and securely call for Tenders, Quotes, expressions of interest etc. has greatly improved our productivity, whilst vastly improving our reach, to ensure Council receives the best possible value for money in our purchasing.

The ability to call for open Tenders as well as invited quotations has speeded up our processes to market and at the same time the comprehensive audit trails automatically provided through our procurement processes have given our Auditors and senior management a high level of comfort.

The free, easy, registration process has been well received by our contractor and supplier base and they have found that doing business via our Portal aids in streamlining their responses allowing many Small to Medium enterprises to vie for Council Business.
It has saved me many hundreds of hours previously spent in managing the difficult process of not only ensuring fairness and equality of opportunity via our procurement, but in the comfort of knowing “Best Practice” Procurement is embedded in our culture at Horsham.

The support from TenderSearch has been outstanding in terms of both the support given to me in the Management role and for the hundreds of suppliers and Contractors registered on our Portal.

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Michelle Plain
Contract Manager– Horsham Rural City Council.