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Hot Tenders

  • RFQ - Printing Services and Graphic Design Services

    Location: LAUNCESTON, TAS
    Description:The City of Launceston is seeking submissions from suitably qualified suppliers for the following services.

    CD.040/2016 - Printing Services

    CD021/2016 - Graphic Design Services

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  • Asphalt Rehabilitation of Various Roads

    Location: ADELAIDE, SA
    Description:Tender Code: DPTI040546

    Asphalt Rehabilitation of Various Roads - Adelaide Region Contract No.3 2016/17

    Should you require assistance in uploading your tender submission electronical
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  • Provision of Light Rail Vehicle Advisory and Operations Management Services for Stage 2

    Location: CANBERRA, ACT
    Description:The Territory is seeking a Light Rail Vehicle Technical Adviser and a client-side Operations Management Leader for Stage 2 of the Canberra Light Rail Project.
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  • Ten Gigabits City

    Location: ADELAIDE, SA
    Description:Tender Code: ACC040512

    The Corporation of the City of Adelaide is inviting organisations to express their interest in a project initiated by the Council.

    This project includes a mu
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  • Provision of Thermographic Surveying

    Location: AS STATED, WA
    Description:The South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS) Infrastructure, Facilities Management Division requires the provision of Thermographic inspection of Low Voltage (LV) electrical switchboards as a preventa
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  • Foreshore Redevelopment Project

    Location: COWELL, SA
    Description:Tender Code: DCFH040584

    Cowell Foreshore Redevelopment Project.
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  • Winning and Crushing of Gravel

    Location: AS STATED, NSW
    Description:Tenders are invited and will be received up until 10.00 AM, Wednesday 1 February, 2017 for the winning and crushing of gravel from the following pits within the Weddin Shire:
    - Matthew’s Pit

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  • Disposal of Residential Properties

    Location: ALICE SPRINGS, NT
    Description:Defence is seeking to engage real estate agent(s) to manage all pre and post disposal activities relating to the marketing and sale of properties in Alice Springs.

    This information is subject
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  • Cleaning Tender

    Location: KANGAROO FLAT, SA
    Description:The Kangaroo Flat Sports Club invites expression of interest from qualified Cleaning Contractors to tender for cleaning services to be performed at the Sports Club.

    Job specifications to be
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